Full Article – Effectively Responding to ACTIVE SHOOTERS IN HEALTHCARE FACILITIES

‘Secure, Preserve, Fight’ has been proposed as an alternative way to respond to active shooters in healthcare settings when ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ is not possible. Here are the specific details of this approach. By Dr. Charles Denham II, Dr. Gregory Botz, Charles Denham III and William Adcox ACTIVE SHOOTER INCIDENTS have been on the [...]

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The Med Tac training program teaches non-medical bystanders the life-saving steps they can administer to individuals experiencing health crises in the critical minutes before first responders arrive. By William Adcox, Dr. Gregory Botz, Charles Denham III & Dr. Charles Denham II IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before you encounter a medical emergency, ei- [...]

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Title: How Bystanders Can Save Lives: A Guide to Making a Difference

Introduction: Every day, unexpected emergencies occur in our communities. Whether it's a car accident, a sudden cardiac arrest, or a choking incident, these situations demand immediate action. Often, the first people on the scene are bystanders—ordinary individuals who have the potential to become heroes. By understanding basic life-saving techniques and having the confidence to intervene, [...]

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Effectively Responding to Active Shooters in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: The following blog article has been converted from an original articles from Campus Safety Magazine January-February 2019 with updated comments as of 2023. In recent years, the unfortunate rise in active shooter incidents has forced us to reevaluate safety protocols in various settings, including healthcare facilities. The healthcare sector, with its focus on patient [...]

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AEDs & Bleeding Control in May of 2023

Introduction: Now in 2023 when emergencies occur, every second counts. After the COVID crisis our public safety net has been stretched beyond the breaking point. Whether it's a sudden cardiac arrest or a severe bleeding incident, immediate access to life-saving equipment can make all the difference. However, a recent study has highlighted the alarming issue [...]

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