Drowning Prevention Credit Course

The resources below are provided for students and community leaders to lead drowning prevention discussions with their families, friends, and classmates. By following the step-by-step guide, they may earn certificates of community service. Once they screen videos below and lead discussions with audiences, they may submit their request for certificates.  They may earn individual awards and awards for their organizations.

Sample Description

Follow the step-by-step approach and submit your completed discussion form by email. We will send a certificate of completion you may use to verify community service hours.  We are excited to see how many people may be reached.

Sign up on behalf of your family, membership group, worship center, or team. You are committing to learn about drowning prevention and then sharing what you have learned with others. 


Watch the videos above and read the video transcripts and resources in order to allow you to help others learn about drowning prevention.


Screen the videos for those you plan to teach. You can do this in person or by Zoom and lead a discussion remotely. After you screen the videos with others, ask them what they can do to prevent drowning of their families, friends, and members of groups and organizations. 


Once you have led a discussion with a group, please fill out and submit a data form and we will issue a certificate of community service. You may teach as many groups as you wish and submit forms for 1 hour for each group as many times as you like. We will keep score for your organization if you wish. We will provide awards and financial gifts for those who generate the greatest reach by December 31, 2023