Be THE FIRST Responder

A Partnership with
Surfrider Foundation

The Be THE FIRST Responder program that combines bystander rescue care of beachgoers with early warning know how to help protect our oceans and coastlines.

Launched by Charlie Denham of Ocean Rescue Our Ocean and Spencer Campbell of Surfrider June 30, 2023, to an audience of 300 people, cardiac screening identified 7 cardiac issues requiring care and caregiver consultations.

We teach the bystander rescue care skills and the skills anyone can learn to protect our ocean and coastline to address beach erosion, beach and marine litter, compliance with Marine Protection Areas, oil spill and seepage, and water quality issues.

Studies show that the average surfer will save three lives during surf sessions over their lifetime. We teach lifesaving, CPR and AED usage, Stop the Bleed skills, how to use an Epi-Pen (and all epinephrine auto injectors), the Hiemlich Manuver for choking, and how to use Narcan for opioid overdose. Undiagnosed cardiac conditions are a leading cause of death for student athletes and drowning is the leading cause of death for young children.

Sudden cardiac arrest takes 1,000 student athletes per year. So Cardiac Screening of children ages 5 years and older and adults was provided by HeartFelt cardiac screening including a electrocardiogram and cardiac ultrasound.  Multiple abnormal studies were found and those with such findings were recommended to seek further evaluation. To view future HeartFelt screening opportunities, go to

In collaboration with the Orange County Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, free lifejackets were provided and fitted for children 30-90 pounds. We continue to provide lifejackets to families in the community. To register for these gifts, please fill out the following information:

Lifejacket Signup

Lifejacket Signup

Parent/Guardian Name:
Parent/Guardian Name: