Med Tac Bystander Rescue Care

Med Tac is short for “Medical Tactical” and is an advanced first aid platform to battle failure to rescue.  The mission is to teach anyone the critical bystander care skills that can save lives during the most common life threatening emergencies. Our focus is to train all ages to provide the greatest help in the first 10 minutes before professional first responders arrive and then assist them when they do.  The training includes how to work with professional first responders and how to help families as they proceed through hospital emergency care.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic we have asked our panel of experts to produce a series of free webinars to help the public, professional first responders, security and medical volunteers, and families deal with the critical issues.

Coronavirus – Protecting You & Your Family:
First Responder & Family Briefings

Protecting You & Your Family:
First Responder & Family Briefings

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Video Library

The Battle Against Failure to Rescue

The Med Tac Program was developed by a team originally focused on active shooter events.  When they found that there at least 8 leading causes of preventable death including severe bleeding and that there was no integrated program to teach the public what they can do to save lives and prevent “failure to rescue” before EMS arrives, Med Tac was born.  In many cases bystander rescue care can triple survival if the public knows what to do. The program was funded through 2019 by philanthropy through TMIT Global, a 501c3 medical research organization that leads a global patient safety community of practice found at www.SafetyLeaders.orgWith the development of the Coronavirus crisis, our rapid response team has prioritized Infection Care as one of our major focus areas.  As of January 1st, 2020 the team has published four articles and has developed pilot programs in five states.  Click here to download a PDF of the four articles.

Bystander Care Training is a critical need in all communities. The preventable deaths we see in the news are the tip of the iceberg. Our program is a Good Samaritan support system to help everyone learn life-saving actions that will save lives.

High Impact Care Hazards are conditions that are frequent, severe, preventable, and measurable. We have identified the leading causes of death that strike children, youth, and those in their workforce years. We provide evidence-based bystander care training that can have the greatest impact.

Bystander Rescue Skills are the competencies that bystanders can learn that will save lives in the few precious minutes before the professional first responders arrive. Such behaviors can be learned by children, adults, and entire families. We have programs for children, adults, law enforcement, educators, lifeguards, and caregivers.

MedTac is the only integrated program addressing the top causes of death of otherwise healthy children, youth, and adults in the workforce. Med Tac partners with terrific on-site trainers from great organizations who are already in the community.