Be the First Responder: STEAM Powered Safety

The videos below are provided to educators, students, and schools. The goal is to demonstrate the value of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) in bystander rescue care during human beach emergencies and early warning actions the public can take to protect our precious coastlines. 

The “Be the First Responder” initiative will be partnered with the Surfriders Foundation as part of our Ocean Rescue Our Ocean Program. Everyone can be a first responder to help others and our oceans.

The videos in the red menu below are more medical in nature. They provide the viewer with a deeper dive into the STEAM related underpinnings of bystander rescue care.

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The following videos were created during the COVID pandemic to help families of Critical Essential Workers defined by the Department of Homeland Security. We are now updating them to address the leading causes of unexpected and harm and death of families from all causes. We will also help families be in a state of readiness if there were to be another pandemic.  We will showcase STEAM concepts.

Family Lifeguard Program

This video review addresses the concept of the Family Lifeguard.

Being a Family Lifeguard

This video review addresses the concept of the Family Lifeguard and the similarity of prevention and rescue as it applies to safety from the Coronavirus.

Four Pillars of Safety

This video reviews the four pillars of safety: Social Distancing, Hand Hygiene, Disinfecting Surfaces, and Use of Masks.

To view Masks: The SCIENCE of Success video click here.

To download our article of the same title click here.

Family Huddle Checklist Review

This video is a review of the Holiday Huddle Checklist. View how families can breakdown the tasks that make them safer before, during, and after family events.

To download the Family Huddle Checklist click here.

The Family Lifeguard Program for Scouts

This 12-minute video was produced for scout leaders and scout parents to help them respond rapidly to the Coronavirus surge. Mr. David Beshk, an award-winning educator and scout leader addresses the value to families. Mr. Keith Flitner, an engineer and advancement chair and Eagle Scout mentor for a district in Orange County, California addresses the opportunity to lead. Charlie Denham, the lead scout on the project reflects on his experience deploying the program.