I CARE Values

Our I CARE Values are the same values that TMIT Global, our founding organization has had for more than 30 years:


  • Faith, trust, and honor are core to our corporate soul.
  • We have faith in our calling, and we seek the trust of all who we touch and work with by honoring all our commitments.


  • We aspire to practice “the golden rule” in all we do.
  • The essence of innovation and healing are the passion for helping others and having an impact on our world.
  • We seek to express compassion through servant leadership and believe that “you can’t out-give success”.


  • The discipline to our calling, commitments, and to each other is critical to succeeding in our service.
  • We aspire to be accountable to measures of success that we and our partners hold dear.
  • We will “fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith”.


  • The science of systematically producing extraordinary deliverables is our passion.
  • We believe “speed and excellence are Siamese Twins”.


  • Making “the impossible…the inevitable” is our business. It is fueled by our faith, innovation, and the boundless energy we have been given to create by our creator.
  • Joy in the service of others is contagious – we are infected and seek to infect everyone we touch.

Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies are in constant development and stand on the shoulders of our founding organizations:

  • Medicine:  We draw on an existing pool of patient safety subject matter expert physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and first responders that has been in developed since the 1980’s.
  • Engineering:  Our discipline in performance improvement and solution development come from continually building strength in biomedical, computer, software, and multimedia engineering.
  • Business Development:  Our leadership team has incubated hundreds of projects. We have learned from successes and failures in multiple industry sectors and apply those lessons to Med Tac.
  • Performance Psychology:  The science of leadership, soft and hard power, social change, behavioral economics, and entrepreneurship helps us build robust communities of practice.
  • Communication:  We aspire to deliver the most impactful and truthful messages through print, film, and the web that will honor the patients, families, caregivers, and communities we serve.