Student Outreach Program

In response to the threats to our youth and young adults in 2024, we have launched a call to action and programs to educate our rising freshmen to college and high school.

We are engaging high school and college students as well as alums from leading colleges and industries to help students navigate the threats and opportunities as they become freshmen in both high schools and colleges.

In the 90-minute video program found below, we addressed the issues facing our youth and young adults. Although this was a continuing education program for doctors, nurses, and caregivers; it addresses what the public needs to know.

Our youth are our future. Rising college freshmen face one of the most dangerous times in their lives. Rising high school freshmen face new threats as well.

Sudden cardiac arrest, active shooter events, anaphylaxis, choking and drowning, opioid overdose, infections, and suicide related to bullying claim an enormous toll. The enemy – failure to rescue.