This private webpage has been created for private philanthropy advisors to provide pertinent information to help them advise those they serve. The content below is organized using the same layout and in the same manner as private webpages that they may provide to their clients.

The Med Tac Bystander Rescue Care Program was established in 2015.  Rescue care training is regularly provided to anyone in the general public ages 8 to 80.  As of January 2021, the entire program can be delivered remotely to anyone with access to the internet.

We tackle the 8 leading causes of preventable death of kids and adults by training the public to act before EMS arrives.

When the Coronvirus Crisis hit we fielded a “rapid response team” to save the lives of essential infrastructure workers and their families. We need funding to go to scale to expand:

  • Short videos hitting the most critical behaviors
  • Live monthly webinars for essential workers and families
  • Mini-documentaries for continuing education
  • R&D with Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, leading medical centers, and WHO
  • Continuously curate the evidence-based medical and press articles
  • Corporate Health Security and Total Worker programs
  • Certification Programs for Caregivers and First Responders

Please help us raise $10M to rapidly expand our program to scale. The data room table and the video at the bottom of the page provides a detailed history and timeline of our work over the last 35 years for your due diligence.

The table below is a “data room” where we have posted background information that may be helpful for your due diligence.
We used your approach to summarize an opportunity and provided  “six-page letter” in the table.

HCC Global & TMIT Global History

TMIT Global is leading the Med Tac team that will be taking the program to scale.  The video below provides the history of our work that will help you with your due diligence. It tracks with the four page summary in the data table entitled HCC Global and TMIT Global History and Timeline.



The video provides a review of the timeline of both HCC Global Corporation, a private for-profit incubator and TMIT Global, a 501c3 Medical Research Organization. It explains how a 500 subject matter expert pool developed, the 3,100 hospital research testbed, and how Dr. Denham has worked with four government administrations. It includes the rationale for why he is a champion for justice and care of caregivers. An annotated transcript of the video is provided in the data table above.