Christopher R. Peabody, MD, MPH
Emergency Medicine Physician
Director, UCSF Acute Care Innovation Center
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

Christopher R. Peabody, MD, MPH, is a practicing Emergency Physician in California and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He is a lead clinical contributor to Emergency Medicine topics so vital to Med Tac and CareUniversity. The first 10 minutes after an injury or emergency incident are vital as are the interactions with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and then Emergency Physicians who receive the patients.

He is a substantial contributor to this vital survival chain and the leadership, best practices, and technologies that can optimize these processes.  He was the lead clinical contributor to the 5 Rights of Emergency Care, a framework developed by TMIT Global.  Dr. Peabody is also the Director of the UCSF Acute Care Innovation Center, an initiative of the UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine, which develops novel ways to deliver Emergency and Acute Care reliably and safely by developing new technology and validating best practices. He has a strong commitment to public service and healthcare delivery to vulnerable populations. Dr. Peabody completed his residency at one of the busiest safety-net hospitals in the country, Los Angeles County Hospital, and was the Chief Resident in Emergency Medicine at the University of Southern California. He attended medical school at the University of California San Francisco, and completed an MPH at Harvard University on a Zuckerman Fellowship. Dr. Peabody’s current interests lie in quality improvement and patient safety, especially related to underserved populations. He has extensive experience in emergency care and disaster response internationally, having served in Haiti and China. He is a member of the content leadership development team for CareUniversity and applies his expertise in emergency care, public health, and international healthcare performance improvement to meeting the needs of both consumers and caregivers.