C. R. Denham, II, MD
CEO, HCC Global
Chairman, TMIT Global
Austin, TX

During Dr. Denham’s career spanning 30 years, he and his organizations have served hundreds of innovation teams. While in practice as a radiation oncologist, he taught biomedical engineering and product development. He has taught innovation adoption, technology transfer, and commercialization in both academia and industry.  His most recent work is to address the Coronavirus crisis with R&D focused on leadership, practice, and technology adoption innovations through the Med Tac Global initiative.

He has been an adjunct Professor of Health Services Engineering at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and had teaching appointments as an Instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health and as a Lecturer with the faculty of Harvard Medical School. He was a Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow in 2009 and a senior Fellow in 2010 and 2011. His work there led to the production of a series of global documentaries on the Discovery Channel. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of the global Journal of Patient Safety, and has more than 100 works including peer-reviewed papers and multimedia productions. He has been ranked in the top 50 Most Influential Physician Executives by Modern Healthcare in multiple years, and he has served as a regular columnist for The Wall Street Journal program The Experts: Journal Reports.

He founded HCC Global, a for-profit innovation incubator, and TMIT Global, a non-profit medical research organization, in the early ’80s; the companies work collaboratively on common innovation programs. CareUniversity, focused on continuing education of consumers and caregivers, is one of these global initiatives in development. Dr. Charles Denham is an advisor to and collaborator with a number of Stanford University programs.