Casey Clements, MD, PhD 
Medical Director, Emergency Behavioral Health
Practice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Rochester, MN

Casey Clements, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor of emergency medicine and is clinical practice chair for the Department of Emergency Medicine in Rochester. In his practice role, he has focused on interdepartmental improvement projects and furthering coordination between disciplines. Dr. Clements works on community collaboration with regular coordinating meetings between Mayo Clinic staff and community partners. With a PhD. in Microbiology and Immunology, Dr. Clements’s research and clinical interests have focused on severe infection and sepsis as well as clinical operations.  He has worked on patient and staff safety for several years as safety champion in the ED and helped with the development and creation of the Complex Intervention Unit at Mayo Clinic Rochester.  He currently co-chairs the Complex Behavior Committee for violence mitigation across the practice.