Charlie Denham
Founder of Med Tac Scouts Program
Junior Med Tac Instructor
Laguna Beach, CA

Charlie Denham is a student who lives in California.  As a Cub Scout he aspired to undertake an Eagle Project before becoming a boy scout that led to Med Tac for scouts. He and his father developed and tested the program with his own Cub Scout den and the CARE Huddle Checklist with his flag football team. They verified that the knowledge about high impact care hazards and bystander lifeline behaviors can be learned by children. 

Charlie is a 2018 Pete Conrad Global Patient Safety Award winner for co-founding Med Tac and his role in pioneering the program for schools, churches, and scout groups after presenting the program at an innovation summit at the NASA Kennedy Space Center. Charlie is commonly seen in the Med Tac training videos designed to reach his age group. He has learned the value of Bystander Care through the experiences he has had during Junior Life Guard training and his avid participation in competitive climbing and fencing, flag football, surfing, and on Scout adventures. He is participating on the multi-generational Med Tac team on development of its programs. He is the lead Junior Instructor for the Med Tac Lifeguard-Surf Program. Charlie is a certified Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver and has undertaken the rigorous training and earned his PADI Rescue Diver Certification in order to help develop the Med Tac Diver Program. He is one of the youngest certified rescue divers in the country. As co-founder of Med Tac, he has had the opportunity as a junior instructor to teach at Stanford University, in his own school, and scouting community.