Dear Chick-fil-A leaders:

Your core values are terrific and your franchise owners have been very supportive of our scout, faith-based, and community programs. We hope we can do more together. We tackle the 8 leading causes of preventable death of kids and adults by training the public to act before EMS arrives.

We believe we can put a terrific program together for your staff and customers as we reopen the country and reach the “new normal”.

When the Coronavirus Crisis hit we fielded a “rapid response team” to save the lives of essential infrastructure workers and their families. We need funding to go to scale to expand:

  • Short videos hitting the most critical behaviors
  • Live monthly webinars for essential workers and families
  • Mini-documentaries for continuing education
  • R&D with Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, UCI, leading medical centers, and WHO
  • Continuously curate the evidence-based medical and press articles
  • Corporate Health Security and Total Worker programs
  • Certification Programs for Caregivers and First Responders

Our Med Tac Story video will provide the background of our Bystander Rescue Care work. The middle video provides the business case for helping Chick-fil-A worker families beat COVID harm. Our latest Progress Report Executive Summary will brief you on our progress through the Coronavirus Crisis. The data table below provides reference articles for your due diligence. Please help us raise funding to have the greatest national impact.


The table below is a “data room” where we have posted background information that may be helpful for your due diligence.